PowerTalks are built on 4 core components:

1. Storytelling: Success secrets, Art of winning, Positive productivity, Unlock your inner greatness, Principles of success, Soulfulness

2. Values for Excellence from Indian Mythology: Dynamic leadership, Win@work (keys), Dynamic teamwork, Mysticism & mind-power

3. Workplace Well-being: Higher achievement, Happiness@work, Peak performance, Emotional intelligence, Passion, Creativity

4. Science of Motivation: Latest research & advanced knowledge, Unlimited power, Theatre and body language for confidence & communication

People in the corporate sector, government or non-governmental sectors, youth and institutions, as well as individuals, find the keys to unlocking their highest potential through PowerTalks.

About Powertalks.in

PowerTalks.in was founded to provide world-class public speaking solutions for corporate groups, youth groups and others.

We believe that inspiration and motivation are the biggest driving forces in life. Power Talks help people become massively inspired and motivated, so that they can unlock their highest potentiality.

The goal of PowerTalks.in is to inspire people to achieve their dreams and create positive change. Whether for keynote addresses, corporate events or conventions, meets and gatherings, PowerTalks.in are most suitable and appropriate.

Our methodologies are based on 20 years on intense research on the subjects of inspiration, science of motivation, success and higher achievement. With extensive experience in the art of public speaking, the people behind PowerTalks bring great value with the talks and addresses.

The organization was founded to spread awareness of great inspirational ideas. The tools we use are advanced motivational techniques and storytelling (stories have the power to transform people at the basic emotional / behavioural level).

Positive productivity flows from well-being and feeling good, and these are the emotions our sessions create within people.

Higher achievement, success at work and life – all these begin with knowing ‘why’ and ‘how’ to become hugely inspired, confident and happy in whatever we human beings do. Powertalks.in helps answer the key questions, and create path-breaking solutions for success. They also raise achievement levels, reduce stress, help break barriers, and make people feel relaxed, refreshed, energized & dynamic!

Pranay Gupta uses 10 key skills in his talks, gained from years of stage experience: fearless presence; the art of live storytelling; peak performance; powerful public speaking and communication; creativity; positive body language; teamwork; confidence; leadership; personal dynamism.

About Pranay Gupta

Pranay Gupta is a storyteller, professional public speaker and motivator. He is also a noted theatre director, playwright and actor. He uses his unique skill set for live storytelling on stage to communicate inspirational ideas for audiences.

Pranay brings a world-class standard of eloquence, power of expression and knowledge base to his talks.

His talks stimulate actions that create well-being and happier productivity. They are based on deep research into the science of human motivation.  As a motivational speaker, he is rapidly becoming renowned for his unique Indian values based talks that create positive change, success, dynamism and wellness in individuals & organizations.

Pranay Gupta has researched the principles of success for over 20 years. As a success analyst, his areas of research have included the science of motivation; values for excellence from mythology; methodologies for unlocking higher achievement and greatness; the success principles of business leaders, entrepreneurs, world legends and great personalities; and smarter working. His book ‘THE ART OF WINNING’ is coming soon.

Pranay Gupta’s PowerTalks are transformative and extremely interesting life experiences that create positive change and bring clarity, confidence, balance, focus and happiness for productivity.

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Pranay is also a President of India award winner as a writer and live storyteller for stage. His work has won acclaim from global luminaries.

Pranay is also a President of India award winner as a writer and live storyteller for stage. His work has won acclaim from global luminaries.

Pranay Gupta has also gained repute as a director, playwright, actor and elocutionist. His work has been extensively covered in the press in Mumbai and other places. Pranay’s productions have given him a outstanding set of stage and public speaking skills that he brings to PowerTalks. Some of his production-related work can be found here and here