The Supreme Magnet of the Universe.

The Bhakti metaphysical philosophy of India says that there is one particular force in existence that is the most powerful attractor of all things. This force is both the glue that holds everything together, as well as the ultimate cosmic magnet. It draws everything towards itself. The Bhakti mystics go to the extent of saying that even the Absolute or God is pulled towards this force, and is helpless before it. Even He succumbs to it, has no choice but to yield to it when it is exerted on Him. According to the Bhakti mystics, this force is the supreme magnet of the universe, attracting all things toward itself.

This force they call ‘Prema’ – The Force of Love. It is the unseen and self-guiding force hidden in the essence of all things. At a mystic-spiritual level, the Force of Love exists as the ultimate reality, the source of everything, and the supreme attractor. At a material level, the Force of Love exists in a subtle manifestation as the unseen potency spread throughout the fabric of space-time.

Science has yet to decipher what it is that ultimately powers everything, produces, and holds the cosmos together. According to the Bhakti mystics, it is the Force of Love that generates, attracts and binds together things at an innate, sub-quantum level, holding the cosmic body in place.

In living beings, love exists as the ultimate vital force that has the power to attract all things to it.

Everything is defenceless before the face of the force of love; God himself, say the Bhakti seers, is magnetized by, and surrenders to, the devotee who calls out to him in ‘Prema’, divine love.

The Force of Love has the power to attract anything you want. No device is as potent, no energy as forceful as it. Turn any thought into a loving thought, and it becomes infinitely empowered. The thought then penetrates deeply into universal consciousness, becomes one with it, and is translated into reality. It becomes reality.

Just as, at a material level, the law of gravitation is at work, attracting the planets and cosmic bodies together and keeping them in orbit, and allowing us to exist on this Earth, so too is the force of love at the root of the Law for Attraction.

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