Insights on Yoga – The universal connect

We belong to a universe unimaginably splendid with beauty; the astonishing scale of cosmic treasures is for us to behold, and to fill ourselves mind with its wonder.

Yet how often is it that our minds are open to the blissful contemplation of this treasure house called the cosmos?

Too few are those moments when we revel in the glory of our cosmic home, filled with the colours of gigantic galaxies and trillions of stars. Most of our moments are spent looking for the trivial, the lesser treasures that the mind is obsessed with. And hence our essential unhappiness, and the non-fulfilment of our inner potential.

Yoga is essentially about fulfilling the inner potentiality of self, quite apart from the material fulfilment that we normally crave.

The essential difference between the real person of Yoga and most of us, lies on the extent to which the mind is open to universal beauty and the universal scale of things. The sheer wonderment at the vast cosmic splendour opens the door to the realisation of true fulfilment. And that true fulfilment of our inner potential, is indeed what Yoga is.

Full, Yet Empty

Yoga is the simultaneous fullness and emptiness of mind.

As strange as the statement may sound, ‘fullness’ and ‘emptiness’ are in the Yogic sense meant to signify a fullness of energy and emptiness of superficialities.

Meaning to say, the Yogic mind is a calm yet passionately energetic mind, fully free of the encumbrances of the material world, even while it exists happily in the midst of it.

The Yogic mind can ever expand — rather, it feels completely free to expand — for it has not been captured by stifling psychological factors and made a slave to them.

A person of yoga has an extensive mind, which always revels in its own newness and profundity every new day, free to glimpse insights and view truths of the cosmic panorama it is part of.

Full, yet fully empty…

A Journey Towards the Stars

The very quest for ultimate truth or ultimate beauty expands one’s being; the quest of things higher, greater and broader than ourselves, and of our limited circle of life, is Yoga.

Yoga is a ceaseless quest, an inner undertaking, a journey toward the stars and cosmos of ultimate being of the self, and of the unknown beyond it. To know the cosmic splendour within ourselves, is Yoga.

In Yoga, the energy invested in us by Nature is redirected back towards the storehouse of inner realms of Her truth.

The most profitable exercise any being may undertake is to carry out a ‘giving back’ to the energy source it originally received its impulse of being from. For in a giving back, the energies are fully utilised and also replenished manifold.

The light of being is lit within the lamp provided us by nature in the form of our human body. And if we can therefore light our own lamp, we would stand as testament to the energy source itself, and renew ourselves with its unknown and unending storehouse of plenty. From inner light do we go to that greater Light.

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