Key Factors for Winning:

Make whatever small thing you are doing into the ‘best’ in the world, even if you do this in a small way. Make it unique, make it different, and make it the greatest in its category. That must be the way of looking at work. Where this thought exists, you will automatically begin creating something of true value.

But without the love and passion in the first place, you will not have the energy to keep going! Love and passion are the fundamental creators of positive energy within the human being, and without a really high measure of these in what we do, we do not really succeed.

A few principles for success:

  • A sense of mission and responsibility are the soil within which the seed of our work can grow. Without it, nothing, no matter how good the quality of the seed.
  • Celebrate your work like it is a dance of your intellect. Then others will enjoy what it is you have to offer, because it will have this lively, stimulating quality.
  • There is no bigger obstruction to our individual success than our own doubts about it.