Mission Possible

The authentic desire to inspire others through PowerTalks is our objective.

Our mission of spreading values for excellence drives us into tirelessly transmitting key learnings for individual, organizational and society success. Very few human beings are as dynamic as they can potentially be: we act as a catalyst which awakens this dynamism through the power of inspiration.

We seek to achieve the following 72 Objectives & Virtues through our live sessions:

  1. Utilizing human consciousness for maximum benefit
  2. Opening up the ‘heart’ so that people function with greater courage, passion & enthusiasm
  3. Taking people to a state beyond constant worry or anxiety
  4. Creating an aesthetic sensibility
  5. Making people understand that their emotions are the greatest determinants of their behaviour and success
  6. Thoughts for winning
  7. The power of inner relaxation
  8. One’s greater search and true calling
  9. Realizing our highest self-nature
  10. Legends of heroes to understand the secrets of success
  11. Love of effort
  12. Courage, nobility, endurance
  13. Responsibility
  14. Ability to keep moving
  15. Bliss, happiness & ecstasy at work
  16. Being free of complexes
  17. Awareness of our heritage and culture
  18. Integrity of purpose
  19. Serenity, balance, calmness
  20. Overcoming fear of failure
  21. Innovative & extraordinary success
  22. Meeting sales & marketing targets
  23. Great team spirit & teamwork
  24. Powerful and honest communication for best results
  25. Thinking and acting creatively
  26. Real confidence
  27. Organic growth of well-being within oneself and in the world
  28. Creating a positive impact through thoughts, words, deeds
  29. Awakening your inborn greatness
  30. Dealing with failure
  31. Trust and mutual respect within organizations
  32. Celebration of life, work and relationships
  33. Energy to succeed
  34. Being your best!
  35. Spirit of optimism
  36. Group dynamics
  37. Self-belief
  38. Enjoyment of duties
  39. Inner peace and wellness
  40. Overcoming fear
  41. Boldness in thought and action
  42. Making the most of ourselves
  43. Becoming better every day
  44. The importance of great relationships
  45. Discovering your uniqueness
  46. Enthusiasm and spontaneity
  47. Road to success
  48. Working towards a cause and being mission-oriented
  49. Unifying for great work
  50. Willpower and persistence
  51. Connecting with significant people
  52. Spirit of victory
  53. Going beyond narrow boundaries
  54. Self-expression for success
  55. Personality & charisma
  56. Finding meaning in life and work
  57. Creating positive experiences
  58. Power of product and service integrity
  59. Clarity
  60. Our own life stories and their healing power
  61. Voice of one’s consciousness
  62. Values-based strategies for success
  63. Charismatic leadership
  64. Strength & resilience
  65. Win @ work
  66. Achieving breakthroughs!
  67. Right beliefs create right results
  68. Interdependence vs independence
  69. Vibrations of positivity
  70. The power of gratitude
  71. The art of war for work & life
  72. Self-development & self-evolution