Pranay’s live stage presentations over the years have received feedback from several people:
Excellent work!

APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India  

Gulzar, Filmmaker, Poet

Very Powerful!
Really powerful. Congratulations to you. Keep it up. This is one of the most powerful media to educate and sensitise people.

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate

Zubin Mehta, Musical Legend

Nicely done.


Very good stuff! Congratulations!

Remo Fernandes, Singer

Jahnu Barua, Filmmaker
[Director of ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara’]


I liked it very much. Very innovative. Best wishes.


It’s beautiful.

Shonali Bose, Filmmaker
[Director of ‘Amu’]

Dipendra Baoni,
Founder, Lemon Design


Respect!!! Am really impressed.

Some other beautiful feedback.

This is outstanding stuff!

Vinay Kumar, Lead Financial Officer, American Express.

Honestly, this is great…

Ashok Dutta, Founder, Studio Decode

We were honoured to be associated!

Abir Banerjee, Founder, Inner Voyage Communications

Absolutely amazing Sufi to Soul rendition! Being an NRI one craves for this, seriously take it overseas. Would be a crime to let it be only watched by people in India!

Sandip Rakhit, CEO, Grey Vietnam

Had the opportunity to watch this amazing production. Beautifully crafted…what an important message put together is such captivating theater. Any one who has the opportunity to watch this show is sure to come away in admiration of the experience! Amazing. Loved the poetry in every gesture and the rhythm in the words.

Sabry Ali, VP, HSBC, Mumbai

Sheer brilliance. It’s very very difficult to celebrate spiritual fullness visually without it becoming embarrassing. You have achieved it.

Kabir Mustafi, former Headmaster, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

It was such an enthralling experience!

Afrida Rahman Ali, Television Presenter, Times Now, Mumbai

Wonderful show, beautiful!

Murad Ali Khan, Sarangi Maestro

Amazing !! Everything from the acting to the script, the stage setting and the music… This great play has a genuine integrity and dramatic rigour about it. Great job…and brilliant performances! Looking forward to seeing some more wonderful productions from you.

Neil Thomson, Abu Dhabi Film Festival


Renu Roy, Theatre Personality & Founder, Spandan

Very exciting!

Priyanka Raja, Programming, Mallika Sarabhai’s Natarani

This was just brilliant. Very captivating performance and thought provoking. To see this was truly inspiring – the talent has harnessed itself to an overwhelmingly natural expression.  There is an immense depth in the script and how this performance bounces in and out of different realms.  This manifests freedom in a lot of ways.

Bharat Sidhu, London School of Economics

Magic..blissful magic! Fell in love with the creation…

Prashant Rasaily, Filmmaker

That’s amazing!!

Sven Dreesbach, Visual Effects Director & Oscar Winner: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

Fantastic, enjoyed watching it with my family.

Debashis Ghosal, Founder, Daiwik Hotels

Bravo! Loved the moments of crescendo!

Vikram Sahai, Head of Communication, UPES

Brilliant rendition!

Ashish Chopra, Columnist & Author

An example of  creativity meeting extreme passion and lyricism…

Anurima Chanda, Research Scholar & Author

This is brilliant and has Grecian excellence…

Nidhu Bhushan, Journalist

I love the fact that its a musical. Loved every minute.

Munindro Luwang, TCS

Great stuff…thanks for the message.

Amir Adeel Khan, London

The passion and talent is self-evident.

Vineet Malhotra, Melbourne

Great, impressive…fantastic!

Anurag Goel, Founder, Cactus Communications

This is such epic work!  What scale, what magnitude!

Tusharr Kumar, Only Much Louder

Profound. Love the live background score and concept. Pl travel with it.

Boroon Mahanta, IBM

Brilliant! I loved it.

Shankar Bose, Owner, Chyron Information Systems