Everyone loves great inspirational stories

Storybook-Great stories have the power to entertain and transform us at the same time! Storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms, and will continue to be one of the most relevant ones in future. Live storytelling is especially inspirational, as it is the most direct method to convey core values and positive emotions that drive the human spirit to achieve great things.

Pranay Gupta’s Power Talks have live storytelling at their heart. The stories we convey are timeless, and communicate the keys or principles for success, higher achievement and well-being in a most effortless, engaging manner.

Our stories are varied: mythological, legends, historical, biographical, theatrical, business, global, local, contemporary, futuristic, and of all genres. The central idea is to create an impact at the core psychological and emotional levels, so that people are deeply impacted into creating positive change in their work, relationships and lives.

Storytelling + Motivation = Great Results

Wstory+motivationhen the compelling power of storytelling is skillfully utilized to create a positive impact on human beings, the results can be astonishing. The key of course, is the skill with which this is done. Pranay Gupta is India’s foremost live storyteller who uses his skills from theatre and combines these with an intense focus to achieve great results.

The end result is extraordinary. It not only surpasses, but also takes the traditional models of motivational speaking, life coaching and corporate training several notches higher. Stories have a way of touching us at a deep level, therefore naturally the impact they have is more.

Impact of Power Talks

Our unique live sessions utilize the art and technology of storytelling to directly create the following 36 positive benefits:

  1. Creating confidence
  2. Breaking barriers
  3. Relieving stress
  4. Enlightening and educating on success principles
  5. Creating clarity and focused vision
  6. Triggering happiness and joy
  7. Key learnings and secrets for higher achievement
  8. Conveying values for excellence
  9. Teaching work-life balance
  10. Awakening the hidden potential within individuals & organizations
  11. Openness and skill in communication
  12. Relationship skill-building
  13. Better networking through  self-assurance
  14. Conveying how to work & live smarter and better
  15. Self-understanding
  16. A better understanding of others & the world
  17. Positivity at work
  18. Target orientation
  19. Purposeful working
  20. Cultural empathy
  21. Inculcating a stronger team spirit & raising team energy
  22. Unleashing creativity and innovation
  23. Lessons on disruption and change
  24. Unlocking inner strengths and leadership capabilities
  25. Workplace cheerfulness & constructive work environment
  26. Raising productive capacity through positive affirmation
  27. Visualizing success
  28. Love of work
  29. Sense of passion, dynamism and soulfulness towards work & life
  30. Staying optimistic
  31. Creating determination & grit
  32. Value of hard work and persistence
  33. Sense of self-belief and loyalty
  34. Emotional and mental wellness & well-being
  35. Creating a very highly motivated work-force
  36. Providing meaningful entertainment & recreation that improves bonding.